Parent's Anniversary + Summer Vacay

Finally had a chance to have a vacation. Went home to my hometown in Cebu for my parent's wedding anniversary. I surely miss home and I miss the presence of my family. We went to the beach and we brought along our dogs. It was sure fun because I am with my family and I thank GOD for those moments to be with them again. The food were so yummy and so delicioso! I was really purging and I ate a lot. But didn't gained weight though. The name of the resort is Rendezvous. The place is new and the beach were okay but the room doesn't have a TV, they don't have a karaoke or a restaurant, and they don't have wifi as well. It sucks and booo for that. The next day, it was indeed a good morning because I woke up to the right side of the bed, the sound of the sea breeze woke me up and the waves splashing along the sea wall. Boy, I never wanted that day to end. I get to enjoy my summer with my family and being with them makes me the happiest person in the universe. Thank you LORD GOD for my family.

Summer babe

We will always be Daddy's Little Girls

 My Momma Chubby and my sister



My Brother Jacob and pretty Me

One big happy family... =)
Together with our dogs Provee (Labrador) and Botchow (Chow-chow), Spotty is left at home


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