Clark, Angeles and Porac - Day 2

It was a fulfilling Day 1 since we had fun visiting their known and famous landmarks. We wanted our Day 2 just as memorable as our Day 1 and wish granted, we had a blast. 

We started our Day 2 adventure by hiring the transport service which costs PHP 2,500 from Clark to Porac including city tours with a duration of 10 hours for the entire package. The Sandbox in Porac was our first destination as I read a lot of reviews that they only limit the number of people who can take their rides per day. Just like any other tourist attraction, we had to pay for an entrance fee of PHP 100 and if you want to take the rides, you can go for the different packages that they offer or just opt to pay per ride of your choice. Since I was able to try most of their activities except for one, which was the human roller coaster. I'm not an adrenaline junkie but it was worth the try. 

Sandbox offers only limited activities, so after spending an hour or two, we decided to move on to our next destination and that is the Clark Land. We had to pay for another entrance fee. 

We went straight ahead to Museo Ning Angeles after our Clark Land photo op session. I was quite disappointed because we had to pay for PHP 50/head only to find out that they failed to maintain the area and it feels like you're being rob because there were only few displays. There weren't even tourist guides to at least explain the history of Angeles. It wasn't worth the price, it's like you're paying for nothing. 

 The Clark museum was close at that time because they were having a gathering. So we decided to spend our afternoon by going to the different malls, Jenra Mall, Nepo Mall, Marquee Mall and SM City Clark. There's a night market every Friday near Jenra Mall. So if you want to score some good yet cheap stuff, you have to wait for their night market. Definitely, you'll score some good stuff. 

We had to travel back to Manila that night so we decided to take the bus. There's a bus terminal at the back part of Marquee mall. There were buses going to Pasay and Cubao, so we took the Five Star liner and paid PHP 129/head for the fare. The 2-day tour in Angeles was short but sweet. Have you been there? I'd love to hear your experience, so feel free to drop some comments. 

Clark, Angeles - Day 1

I was in a hiatus mode for such a long time. A lot of things kept me preoccupied not to mention being a mother of two toddlers. But that didn't stop me from rewarding myself after days of hard work. Currently, I feel nostalgic while writing, but one thing is for sure, I miss writing. 

Since it's a return of my comeback, I decided to share my trips from last year. I know it's long overdue, but it's still worth sharing. I had the chance to visit Clark, Angeles with my mom, sister and my aunt. It was a fun experience bonding with the girls. So this is how we manage our first time in Clark. Upon arrival, they have restaurants and shops nearby if you want to grab something to eat. Below is our picture of their airport tourist information. They have free maps that you can get. You can also ask for directions and they provide tips on the go-to places that they can recommend. 

Going outside the airport, if you want to commute, take the air conditioned jeep from the airport to the main gate for PHP 50 per person. Then you can hop on to any trike for PHP 25/trip going to your preferred destination or a jeep that costs PHP 7.00. The receptionist at the airport offered a transport services that caters city tours for PHP 2,500 (10 hours) within Clark and Angeles only, then you can just divide the amount among your group. 

We booked via Airbnb and we stayed in a quiet yet safe townhouse with two rooms and one bathroom for only PHP 3,420 for two nights. We wasted no time so we book our transportation and took advantage of the city tour. Our first stop was the Air Force City where you can see pilot jet planes during the World war days. It's free of charge and you can even stay there the entire day.

The van driver will just wait until you're done with the picture taking or after checking the place. After Air Force City, we went to Nayong Pilipino, but we didn't go inside, we felt that there's not much of a scene. There's an entrance fee roughly around PHP 100 - 250. After the picture taking in Nayong Pilipino, we went to our third stop, the Paradise Ranch. They too have an entrance fee and they offer packages. The package (Zoocobia + Paradise Ranch) costs PHP 450/person. If you won't avail the package, you just need to pay the entrance fee per entry.

Sadly, we didn't go inside Paradise Ranch, because they were under renovation at that time. So, we decided to go to Zoocobia. They offer different packages depending on the activities that you want. We availed the bird feeding + zip line + luge package for only PHP 180/person.

Inside Zoocobia, you can do a lot of things. They have the Animal Bone and Skin museum where you can see the preserved animals of its different kind.

After the mini-museum, we then went straight to the Birds of Paradise where you can see different types of birds including the bird-feeding which was part of our package.

After feeding the birds, we dipped in to their last adventure, The Luge. It will only take 1-2 minutes of driving the luge. You can compete among the group or you can just take it real slow. It's a one-time ride, you have to pay again if you wish to take the ride the second time around. 

After Zoocobia, we went to Walking Street. It's known as their red light district where you can see a lot of bars and women that will entertain you. You can chill though from the outside or just grab something to drink. We didn't had the chance to check the bars but we check the stalls nearby for some goodies and stuff.

And oh, not to mention, I fell in love the first time I saw this Hello Kitty cafe. I've always envisioned myself owning one. Not for now, but maybe soon. That's how we ended our Day 1. Stay tune for our Day 2 adventure as we take you to another adventure of a lifetime. Ciao!

My Best friends wedding

One of my best buds finally tied the knot. It was my first time to witness a military wedding. They had rituals or beliefs that a guy should do some physical tasks like jumping jacks for 20 times or push ups after the wedding ceremony. It was some sort of showing respect to your field and to your wife (correct me if I'm wrong). On the other hand, I was happy seeing my best bud walk down the aisle in her beautiful gown and with a glowing look. The wedding was an outlet for us to gather together with my high school friends.

Secondary sponsors prepping up


The glowing bride! I got teary-eyed when I saw her.

At the reception


 The power of three! We are the Powerpuff girls, The Man Haters club


Friendship overload #friendshipgoals
Congrats Zalyn and Joemar! Best wishes

Sneak peek: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Of all the trips that I had, this has been one of the most memorable trips in my entire existence. I was almost left behind because of how crazy I was at that time. I was so high that I was asleep for the entire flight and then the next thing I knew we've already landed in Kuala Lumpur. Well, to make it more special, because I was with my parents.

This was the peak of my life wherein I made a life-changing decision. I won't go in details but so far, I know it was a right thing to do. This was my bitter-sweet escape from all the challenges I was facing at that time and I must say, it was the best escape ever.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this!

I'm hoping that I would be able to visit Kuala Lumpur the second time around. Stay tune for my next post for more of my KL trip.

January fashion inspiration

Cheers to 2016! And to spice things up, here are your daily dose of fashion inspiration. 

*Disclaimer: These photos are not mine. Credits to the owners of these photos. 


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