Working in a Call Center

Queuing, CSAT, AHT, Voluntary time off, graveyard shift, night differential do they sound familiar to you? If yes, then surely, you know what I mean. BPO or in short Call Center. I admit, after graduating, almost all of my college batch mates applied in the BPO industry and I was an exception or so I thought. For me, it was the trend that everyone would jump in, "I'm working in a call center" sounds too cliche for me and I wouldn't be impressed if I found out that you are working in a call center. That was my idea before but times are changing and I ended up working in what I call cliche. 

But don't get me wrong, when I landed and started as a Customer Care Associate, that's when I realized how tough and competitive it is and through that experience, I have high respect to all the people working in that industry. Imagine, taking calls for the entire 8 hours shift, with only 15 minutes of breaks and an 1 hour for your lunch break and then the routine goes on, plus the never ending queue of calls and the irate and rude customers and did I mention the shifting of schedules, graveyard shift, maintaining your metrics or scorecards, AHT (average handle time), avoiding DSAT (dissatisfaction), surveys, never ending coaching sessions and more. With some of these plus more to mention, how can you handle such pressure?

From the recruitment itself, boy, it was pretty hard because you have to undergo a series of interviews plus exams here and there. And once you passed the interview, your journey doesn't stop there. You have to pass the training or else, that means goodbye. And if you are endorsed to the operations, oh well, congratulations but still you have a long way to go! I for myself, is a living witness on how hard and tough it is to be in a BPO industry but on the positive note, despite the difficulties and the hardships, it molded me as a person and I learned a lot of lessons in life from my day-to-day living to survival. I took the challenge no matter how hard it is because at the end of the day, there's a new experience that comes along, new people to meet and a new opportunity. Who would have thought, I would become a Trainer? That's because of my determination and hard work and simply because the cliche I once thought has somehow became a passion, a love for my job and for me, this is where my future lies.

So, if you think it is degrading when you are working in a call center? Think again, as easy as it may sound but it's as hard and it's as challenging as it seems to be. Truth be told, without these call center agents, who would answer your queries and walk you through the steps, or perhaps who would assist you when technical problems arise? Therefore, I salute to every employee working in a call center and I call them the modern heroes because despite the attractive salary they're getting is the toughness and survival of staying in the job just to assist your concern matters most. They might be having a fun time with their team building or perhaps dining out after shift or a lavish lifestyle, it's because they deserve to reward themselves for a job well done. See for yourself and you'll know what I mean. 

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Daily Dose of Fashion Inspiration

How's your Monday ladies? Hope all is well with you my friend. I admit, it's been ages ago since the last time I had my outfit taken. Aside from the fact that I was super busy with motherhood that dressing up takes its toll on me and I find it time consuming for now because as a mother, I've been doing multitasking lately from here and there and everywhere but that doesn't mean I abandoned the art of dressing up and have my outfit taken, maybe for now, I'm just taking a break. 

Anyways, since it's been quite a while since I last had my OOTD so I decided to do some post-up with my daily dose of fashion inspiration. I am somehow inspired the way they mix and match their outfits and indeed they were able to pull them off in a fashionably way they can. What do you think? 

So sharing to you guys my Daily Dose of Fashion Inspiration for this week! 

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos, credits to the owners of these pictures. 


My Travel Bucket Wish List - #MyAirbnbBucketList

Ever since I was a kid, I've been to many places all over the Philippines. My mom loves to travel a lot and it is always her dream, if possible to tour around the world. Every year, she makes it to the point to travel at least 2-3 places whether domestic or international, as long as she gets to travel. I inherit the love for travelling in my mom. What I love about travelling is that you get to discover a new place, a new culture, meet new people, learn a new language (even for a short span of time) and be in a place where nobody knows who you are, you can be as crazy and as adventurous as you want to be because everything is new to you. 

At a young age, I've been exposed to different places and even up to now, I still want to go back to the places I've been to over and over again because I simply love the feeling, I just don't know why. Every time I travel, I'm always willing to step out of my comfort zone for me to enjoy the place and my entire trip. I don't mind sharing a room with a bunch of tourists or perhaps a shared apartment with the host. I remembered my trip in Singapore, instead of the usual, booking a room in a hotel, we tried Airbnb for a change and somehow it exceeded my expectation plus it felt like I was never too far from home. 

Anyways, I made my very own travel bucket wish list and hopefully, in GOD's perfect time, I would be able to visit these places before I die. 

1. Santorini, Greece

I know it's overrated but I mean, who doesn't want to go there? The view is totally breathtaking and relaxing. All I could ever think of if I'm here is having a coffee in one of the private villas, enjoying the heat of the sun while watching the view, and wearing a white dress with a bucket bag while strolling nearby. 

2. Japan

I always wanted to see cherry blossoms and the Hello Kitty theme park! I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty and as far as I know, Hello Kitty can be seen anywhere in this place since this is where Hello Kitty is originated. The way I envision this place, everywhere you go, there's always a Hello Kitty!

3. Paris

Need I say more?

4. Maldives

I'm a beach babe and I love going to the beach. The feeling is indescribable, I love the sound of the sea breeze, walking barefoot in the sand and hearing the waves splashing. I don't mind the heat and getting tanned.

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

My dream vacation! 

6. New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I wonder how it feels living and working there, people are very competitive and hardworking. The way I imagine it, such a busy yet crowded place, full of professional people.

7. Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

It always reminds me of the Fast and Furious the movie, I want to see the big statue of Christ.

Sharing you my Airbnb's Travel Bucket Wish list favorites! What's yours? I will surely book to these places if given a chance to travel. 

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The mother in me

Belated HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all mother's out there, grandparents, mother-in-laws and soon-to-be-mother's! How did you treat your mom during that special day? As for me, nothing grandeur, it was just an ordinary day because for me, everyday I treat my mom special, everyday, I make her feel that she is important. Love you Chub!

So anyways, on that special day, I wasn't around to spend time with my little boy because I have to stay at home to accompany my mom but I was really touched when my baby boy called me on the phone and greeted me, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mama.. I was really touched and I got teary eyed because I miss Lucas and it's as much as I want to hug him but I can't. That simple greeting from my baby somehow completed my day, sometimes it's those little things and effort that somehow satisfies me and gives me contentment. And because I super miss my first love, I made a little effort to make a collage of my memories with Lucas as he was growing up. Everyday, I thank GOD for Lucas because indeed he completes me. I love you my baby boy Lucas Nathaniel!! Mama dear loves you so much! See you soon...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!! One big hug and a loud applause to all mother's out there!!

Bucket list 101

Since I've been experiencing writer's block up until now, I decided to post some random things or stuff that somehow is important to me. Yesterday, I posted some fashion inspiration and right now, I opt to post some of my bucket list for this year. Yes, you heard me right, few of my bucket list and target for this year.

Care to share yours? What's your bucket list for this year? 


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