My Weekend Fashion Inspiration

Hey everyone! I'm back!! Been MIA for like weeks or should I say months. Been busy with a lot of things and my schedule is very hectic thus I find a hard time to squeeze blogging. Anyways, I'm almost due and this pregnancy is quite exciting yet it scares me (as if I am a first timer). I never had any decent outfit shots because I'm getting bigger and almost all of my clothes won't fit. Good thing garter skirts and free size dresses are readily available to adjust my pregnant body. 

For the fact that I never had any decent outfit shot, so, I decided to do some fashion inspiration post. I admit, looking at different fashion sites kind of makes me envy because I haven't had the chance to have my outfit shot taken for like six months now or more than that but I tell you, once I have moved on from my pregnant body, my next target would be losing some weight, and need to be back in shape. Watch out for that! 

So dear, I  won't make this long and I won't bore you out with any stories. So here are some of my fashion inspiration.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these photos. Credits goes to the owners of these photos and bloggers. 

Little girls

Hello blogger with love! It's been quite a while. Been experiencing writer's block lately and I can't come up with a better blog post. What keeps me busy was my online project and other than that, a lot of dull moments. My mom went home to the province and I am stuck in the house to take over the store. I wasn't really in the mood all week, got bored, felt lazy and discouraged. I haven't seen Lucas for a week now and I miss my baby so much.

Anyways, just want to share with you the result of my ultrasound and I am happy because GOD did answered my prayer. He granted me with a baby girl. GOD is soooo good, all the time. I can't wait to buy girly stuff. It excites me and it's something I look forward to. And because of too much boredom, I was browsing through the net for some cute fashionable little girls. I surely would dress up my little girl just as like them. Now, I'm quite confused on what to name her especially that May is fast approaching. Any suggestions? I want her to have two names since my first baby have two names as well. Any idea? I want a unique name.. =)

Here are some fashion inspiration for my cute soon-to-be little girl.

How I wish she'd be as charming as this cute little dolly


Why are you soooooo cuuuuute? 

 She'd be as pretty like her.. 

 You've got taste little girl! 

Fashionable indeed! 


Pretty and sophisticated little girl

You've got style! 

 Little dolly

Those expressive eyes... 

Cebu, more than a travel destination

Thinking of having a getaway this summer? Where to? Cebu? So what's the itinerary?

A lot of people think that Cebu has nothing much to offer compared to other provinces, but don't get me wrong, there's more than tourist destinations and experience Cebu has to offer. I am born and raised in Cebu but I admit, I am still surprised by what my hometown can offer to the visitors and guests.

So here are some friendly tips and suggestions on what to do in Cebu:

1. Visit historical places and famous landmarks
          This shouldn't be missed. It's fun and educational to get to know the history of Cebu. We only have few historical landmarks though but the history speaks itself on how Cebu has turned out to be progressive than before. Here are some famous historical landmarks to visit to:

  • Fort San Pedro
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Casa Gorordo
  • Museo Sugbo
  • Taoist Temple

2. Beach, beach, beach
            For beach lovers, Cebu has white sand beaches and breathtaking views. If you're on a limited time and wanted to try the beaches in Cebu, I suggest you should visit Mactan. Lots of options to choose from, you can simply hop from one resort to another. From low class to high standard types of resorts, you can find it there. But if you prefer a quiet, more relaxing resort or beaches, you can head out to the provinces that is more closest to Boracay like Moalboal, Camotes Island, Bantayan Island and Malapascua. The best beaches awaits there. 

3. Food 
            Cebu offers the best food in metro! If you're a tourist, I suggest you should try Lechon Baboy, Siomai and our very own Adobo. For lechon, Talisay offers the best lechon there is, they have like lechon festival every year and believe me, once tasted, you'll definitely crave for more. On the other hand, when hunting for street food, try out Siomai sa Tisa (Punta, Labangon). There you will see lots of street food from different variety to choose from. Sutukil in Lapu-lapu is a must try as well. 

4.  Sinulog Festival
            If you want to experience fun and one of a kind festival, I suggest you should visit on January for the Sinulog Festival. There you would be able to witness first-hand on how Cebuanos define fun and adventure. Don't forget to wear your most comfortable outfit, try out face paint, Henna tattoo, drink and party all night long, shouting, hugging, drinking and all sorts of stuff. 

5. Seize the moment
            I guess the best experience when travelling is to simply enjoy the moments, cherish the time and embrace life to its fullest potential. Don't be afraid to take the risk because we only get to live once and who knows it's worth the risk. Be prepared as much as possible and think of the possibilities that might happen anytime. Enjoy and live life to the fullest! 


Love Flicks

Lately, I've been busy with a lot of things and I think I deserve some pampering and relaxation. But instead of going somewhere out of town or doing shopping, I plan to just stay at home and have a movie marathon. And because February is love month, I decided to splurge on love flicks. So I did made a little research on what movies to watch over the weekend and I ran to some suggestions. 

Here are some: 

1. Endless Love 

2. The Book Thief 

3. Crazy Stupid Love 

4. Stuck in love

5. About Time 

6. The First Time

7. Like Crazy

8. Blue Valentine

Any feedback or reviews on these movies? Is it worth to watch? 

Planner Review: Belle De Jour Planner

When it comes to prioritizing some tasks and assignments, I always make sure to make a list of what needs to be done. I just don't want to rely on my phone because I might lost it or it might be stolen for some reasons but I'm not as clumsy and forgetful as you think I am. So, I cling to my planner wherein I make a list of my future plans, what needs to be accomplished in a day and even my expenses.

Before the year started, I made an intensive research on what planner to use. I've been seeing lots of planner in bookstores but not a single thing caught my attention until I discovered Belle De Jour. I've heard stories about the planner of some bloggers but I never had the chance to buy one. So I made a pact to myself that by 2014, I need to buy one and so, it was a huge success.

I wanted to have the customized one with my name on it but I wasn't able to make it for their cut-off last year and I was very impatient to wait for another 20 days for it to be customized so I decided to just buy and settle for the common one. The planner costs Php 580.00, quite expensive though but impulsive as I can be at times, I decided to splurge on it.

So here are my thoughts for the Belle De Jour Planner

  • I love the cover (it doesn't easily get dirty since the background is black
  • It's spiral (pages won't torn easily)
  • They have inspiring quotes and messages in every page
  • Coupons and discounts to some participating stores
  • Colorful and attractive pages 
  • Love the mini pocket at the back of it

I love the entirety of the planner but here are few things that I quite don't like:
     - I can't use all the coupons and discounts because it's only limited plus most of the participating stores are in Manila. I can't seem to use all of it especially if you live in provincial areas like Cebu, plus there's a specific branch as to where you can avail the discount.
      - My health plan page is not really that useful to me (maybe for some)
      - There's only 1 page for the vacation planner, they should have added another one especially for jet-  setters like me who loves to travel.
      - And they should add another extra pages, like blank pages for us to jot down anything and everything under the sun.

For jet-setter like me, this is very helpful!

Keeps me up-to-date with my bills

I guess there's no excuse why I can't save

The stickers that comes with it. 


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