A historical place to remember

During Rizal day, we went to Laguna to celebrate RizalZ@I50. I was with my mom and my sister and we kinda reminisce one of the historical places and that was Rizal's house in Laguna. We're not really that patriotic but we just want to discover something new. So I won't be talking that much so as not to bore you but, just see it for yourself and let the pictures do the talking. How about you guys? Have you visited any historical places lately?

 Below: With my mom and Rizal's house as the background. 

  Rizal as a boy and his pet dog.. =)

Below: Sorry carried 2 bags with me. The other bag is my mom's bag. Such a turn off in this picture. Sorry for the haggardness as well.

Continuation Laguna 1st day - Makiling sight seeing

Sorry for the late post for the 2nd day. Been so busy with training and new trainees to handle. Our itinerary is to tour around the whole Los Banos and boy, UP is not just  school, I love the entire campus, the ambiance and the  people. We toured around the whole place and discover a lot of interesting sights. Though I only had few pictures but have fun looking at the pictures. Sorry for cam-whoring and being vain. LOL.. Some pics are haggardness but tolerable, keri naman

Me at the top of what they call tree house. Over looking at the pool below

For a change.. =) 

The Bored pose

Inside the jeepney that we rented

Doing the girl scout thingy post.. =) 

Me and my sister
This is inside the UP Campus

Simone's birthday giveaway

A birthday giveaway from Simone's Fashion Closet . Awesome prizes and 4 winners will be chosen. I've always love giveaways and I always admire the way bloggers pamper their followers. A simple giveaway may not cost that much but it means a lot to a follower upon receiving these items which is for free. Everyone wants to have free goodies and lots and stuff and they say, "It's always sweet if it's for free". So true. So just wanted to share this to everyone. Crossing my fingers that I will be one of the lucky ladies who will win the prize.I love all of the prizes! So what are you waiting for blogger friends, join now and push your luck as well. Good luck ladies!


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