Farewell party

the originals...
group 1
with ms. Pino..

ok... Our last minute farewell party eventually did happened... It was the last event of our section and surely, a lot of classmates of mine miss the last bonding together as a class. Or was it really a bonding after all? The shingles were there, of course, how could they miss it, same as for the BJ's... And of course, "us" the hep2x? hahahha... kidding.. anyweiz, it wasn't really meant to be called as "bonding" because everybody had different groups as to where they are comfortable with. As for me, flexile as I am but still, I just can't leave my group, we call ourselves the original. Because we are the survivors of group 2 when it comes to outing and adventure... And we went home early because we have different appointments to attend to.. And so, we left early.. I know, that they will still enjoy.. It's the last... and thanx for all the memories guys!! Till then..

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