Yesterday, I posted a graphic that says I'll see you in my dreams, just last night, it came to reality. Reality in the sense that I dreamt of my ex. But the weird thing here is that in my dreams, I was the one who's aftering him, seeking for his attention, waiting for him to notice me but then he never did. I don't know what really happened or how my dream ended but all I know is that, he was avoiding me. They say, it would happened the other way around that I was the one avoiding him and he was the one who'll go after me. But in our case now, I just can't tell. We're both living separate lives. We barely talk (if we had a chance), I can only see his updates from time to time through Facebook (thanks to technology that helps us link to our love ones) and we never had a chance to see each other. You see, my care for him has changed eversince we broke up. I seldom think of him and most of the time, I rarely check him out and the other way around.

Anyways, so much for all the talk. Its not that I miss the person, it's just that, out of the blue, I thought of him in an instant.

That's it for now. Just want to share my thoughts.

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