Missing in Action

Sorry for the hiatus. I swear will make it up next time. I admit, I haven't updated my blog for the longest time. I've been terribly busy with the training and all the reports. Yesterday, my first batch of trainees just graduated from the process training. I am so proud of them. I do hope and pray that they learned something from me and they won't forget what I taught them. I also do hope and pray that makes me an effective and efficient trainer (crossing my fingers). Anyways, since it's our last day of being together as a team, we decided to eat out or bond after shift. At first, we decided to eat at Something Fishy in Eastwood but sad to say, others are still full. So we finally decided to have a Karaoke Fun! It was a blast! Till next time!!

my 1st batch of babies!!

doing the Bluepages thing! It's my trademark in W3!

with the girls at Chicago and with Jessa (Meg's sister - right)

with the BFF's Parizz and Gab!!

The team without Marvin!~

And lastly, can't let this end without an outfit post.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


AVA T.♥ said...

I love the shoes you're wearing :) plimsolls?

ching said...

everyone is looking great! i should eat at that place some time.

fashioneggpplant said...

good luck with your team! hope you can check out my blog and follow me. have a great sunday =)


Anonymous said...

heyy there(: just found your blog and dropping by(: great blog by the way! you have some interesting posts and i really like that(: so glad i dropped by!



All Things Pre-Loved said...

Hi Krystal, I can give the two blazers for 550. :) I've yet to check the shipping price. Will ship the items to Cebu ba? I'll ask LBC tom. You may want to give your number so I can contact you right away. Thanks! :)

All Things Pre-Loved said...

And the blazers fit a Medium frame. :)

All Things Pre-Loved said...

Via Air21, it's 95 within Metro Manila and 145 if outside. :)

ching said...

hi krystal. sinulog was wet, it rained a bit but the celebration kept going. :D

Mom Daughter Style said...

great pictures with your friends. looks so fun

The Beauty-Addict said...

love the shoes! great blog you have here! :) following you!

hope you can visit my blog too!

Chelsea Lane said...

way to go!! sounds like such a cool experience <3


cherie said...

it's my first time here and everyone's looking super happy :) congratulations!

Hazel said...

hi! first time here! :) love the photos :)

<3 hazel

All Things Pre-Loved said...

Hi Krystal! I have posted a new batch of items. You may want to check them out. :) -Vea, All Things Pre-loved

Reg Rodriguez said...

yay congrats to you and your team! you must be really proud of yourself :)


in Aie's shoes said...

Thanks for following my blog! =)

Chevy Mae said...

yup.. we all work in eastwood cybermall, 10th floor :)



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