Olango Getaway

I know summer is almost over but it's never too late for a summer getaway. During my last days in Cebu, my mom, my sister and I, together with my sister's friend Irene, we had a chance to explore Olango at its best. First in our itinerary is Talima, the place is still new and they are still improving their amenities and the place itself, going to Talima costs Php100 for the boat ride then entrance fee is Php100. If you want to try out their fun and sports/water activities like zip line, zorb, inflatables and other water sports, it's another fee that you have to pay. Stayed there for a bit then went to Olango Bird Sanctuary. From Talima, we rented a tricycle for Php250 to bring us there to the bird sanctuary wherein we can do bird watching, and take note these are migratory birds of all kinds. When we arrived there, the entrance is Php30 that includes the bird watching and a free use of their binoculars. For foreigners, entrance fee is Php100. We are too early for bird watching because they usually start to migrate around 3pm to 4pm, but we arrived around 12noon. So instead of waiting too long, we just toured around the place, took pictures and left. We then headed to the nearest beach resort which is Blue Bay-U. Cottage is Php50 that is already discounted, but the actual price is Php 150. It's a large cottage actually, a closed cottage. But if you prefer overnight stay, they also have rooms that you can rent, prices ranging from Php1000 to 3000. Not bad. Wasn't able to take pictures of their cottages but it was nice. I tell you it was a white sand beach but the beach is really crowded at that time, so we just decided to go home.

Entrance to Talima

Me and my sister at Olango Bird Sanctuary

My sister, mom and me. We look like siblings. =)

See how clear the water is?

In my background are the inflatables. This is one of their water sports activities. 

Hunting for guys in their trunks, ahemm, I mean hunting for birds.

This is my mom. This is the view of their resort. Usage of their tables are for free.

The bird sanctuary is totally a must visit place. It's a paradise, and the view is simply breathtaking. 


Dale said...

You and your sister are so cute in your little bikinis and your mom too. All of you together, very pretty group. Looks like you had so much fun at the water park, it's so tropical and cool. I would love to go there some time. Your blog is so happy and fun. :)
I like it, thanks for your comment on mine too.
Have a great day.

LiezyL said...

oh my, gusto ko din pumunta jan!

Anne Garais said...

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my post! :))) i followed u back! <3


Krisbliss said...

Wow you guys look so cute! And the water looks beautiful! I would've loved to walk across those stones and takes pics! Great scenery!



happycache.tumblr said...

i also want a photo by the pathway to that cottage-in-the-middle-of-the sea!!!!!!! haha!! now i seriously wanna have a vacay! Following you now, would love for you to follow back on my GFC!<3


Krystal Pearl said...

@Dale - thanks a lot dear. =) such a sweet comment. If by chance you visit Philippines, try going there. So nice. =) take care..

@liezyl - punta ka na.. sobrang ganda.. =)

@anne garais - thanks my dear.. =)

@Krisbliss - HI Kris. I agree. The water is so amazing. Very relaxing.

@happycache - you should treat yourself for a vacay. =) Unwind yourself.. followed you already my dear.. thanks for the comment.


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