Laguna - Day 1 - U.P Los Banos

Got the chance to have a vacation leave and well, we decided to explore Laguna at it's best. First stop, U.P. Los Banos,  Laguna. The school is so big but conducive for learning because the environment is very peaceful. Stayed at YMCA which is just inside the school premises. Not bad, they also have dorms and the place is safe as well. I only had few pictures though.

At the main entrance of the school. Huge huh!

This is what I wore. I dig for comfy outfits. 


BABI said...

cool post! try to visit kamayan for lunch.

Jessica Nielsen said...

Like your sunnies! :)
Shall we follow each other?


LiezyL said...

i wanna go to UPLB too!

Taj Acosta said...

Looking lovely doll! Great pics! xo

cherie said...

oh UP los banos is so tranquil.. i agree with you its so conducive to study there :)

Ana Maria said...

Hi krystal :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I actually graduated from UP Los Banos ;)

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

great pic !! <3

Pop Champagne said...

hehe I like comfy outfits too, what you are wearing is pretty much what I'm like every sunday :D

Filipina in Jakarta said...

Hi Kystal, hope you have a safe trip. I heart Laguna, missing the buko pie the most!-Mar

Krystal Pearl said...

@Babi - thanks for suggesting.

@Jessica Nielsen - thanks my dear. Followed you already.. =)

@Liezyl - You should go there too. The ambiance is so nice.

@Taj Acosta - thanks my dear.. =)

@Cherie - Yes. Definitely. =) very beautiful campus.

@Ana Maria - no probs.. Anytime my dear.. =) Wow.. Kudos to your campus very nice..

@ade kurnianigrum - thanks dear! =)

@pop Chamgpagne - I love comfy outfits. Nothing beats being comfy with what you wear.. =)

@Flipina in Laguna - I haven't tasted their buko pie.. =( but I will if by chance I'll be visiting their again.. thanks for suggesting.


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