There's Something Fishy

Been very busy with the training for the past few months. Busy bee as it is. Another training class after the other, very hectic and time management is really important. I love my job and my position, no questions asked but sometimes I can't help but get sick from time to time. No matter how I take care of myself still when I feel super stressed I easily get sick. My immune system is so weak. I take vitamins but honestly, I tend to forget to take them from time to time, boohoo.. Anyways, the last day of my 6th batch of trainees finally ended. Despite all the struggles physically and emotionally, somehow I was able to get through with it. And so, to celebrate their graduation for passing the Product training, we decided to set a date and eat out at Something Fishy since it's the only breakfast buffet that's available after our shift and affordable as well. Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking.

My 5th batch of trainees (L-R) RC, me and Shiera

My 6th batch + Dan's girlfriend 

And yours truly.. I've been gaining a lot of weight lately.. Gained 10lbs..

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