First day high

Whoa! It's kinda weird upon writing this post I'm totally in a writer's block. I don't know what to say and I don't know what to type. I felt like a newbie again in this blogging thingy. Now I realized, it's been ages, days, weeks and months have passed by since the last time I updated a blog post. Phew! Feeling quite uneasy. Anyways, been very busy with training the new batch of trainees and this time, a bit too many of trainees that I'm currently handling and no PC's for them. #Boo! As always, for me, first impression lasts. As a trainer I have to dressed up  because I have to face them and everything that I wear will always reflect to me. So I always wear something casual yet decent outfit. At first, wore this without the blazer but then I realized, I'm showing too much skin so I decided to wear my blazer to look a bit formal/casual. First day never fails to excite me. =)

Heels: Ferretti, Dress: bought in Korea, Blazer: thrifted, accessories: Accessorize and Girl shoppe

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