The mother in me

Belated HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all mother's out there, grandparents, mother-in-laws and soon-to-be-mother's! How did you treat your mom during that special day? As for me, nothing grandeur, it was just an ordinary day because for me, everyday I treat my mom special, everyday, I make her feel that she is important. Love you Chub!

So anyways, on that special day, I wasn't around to spend time with my little boy because I have to stay at home to accompany my mom but I was really touched when my baby boy called me on the phone and greeted me, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mama.. I was really touched and I got teary eyed because I miss Lucas and it's as much as I want to hug him but I can't. That simple greeting from my baby somehow completed my day, sometimes it's those little things and effort that somehow satisfies me and gives me contentment. And because I super miss my first love, I made a little effort to make a collage of my memories with Lucas as he was growing up. Everyday, I thank GOD for Lucas because indeed he completes me. I love you my baby boy Lucas Nathaniel!! Mama dear loves you so much! See you soon...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!! One big hug and a loud applause to all mother's out there!!

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