Midterm Exam

What can I say? Midterm is fast approaching.. Seems like yesterday was just our prelim and now, we're moving on to our midterm.. Phew... Tomorrow is our midterm exam for our major subjects.. And sure did, I'm not that prepared.. Today, we just had our review and post test was done after. Grrr.. I'm not totally conditioned in studying.. My mind seems to be so occupied with a lot of things... And besides it's too late to study... I guess I should review.. at least.. I would be able to familiarize important key terms and recall our discussion for that particular chapter.. That if I could recall... :) Well then, cramming won't do... It's just gonna worsen the situation.. It's just gonna twist my mind and confused me even more... And lastly, it'll just be an additional burden in my brain and in my part.. Well maybe, I would just sleep early. Seems like I'm a bit sleepy now.. Till here..
Au revoir!!

PS: Just wish me luck for the exam! And help me pray that the Lord God will guide me and give me knowledge and wisdom for tomorrow's exam! Phew!!! :) This is it... :)


Keith said...

Your blog has neat pictures, reminds me of my last visit to your country... I am sitting herre, in fact wearing a tshirt, I got at a shop in Cebu... Strange attire, as here, injn the morning, we had frost on all the plants, and my hands were frozen from bicycle riding

Keith said...


You mentoned your 'superfiends' so I thought to pass this link on


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