When guys fall in love...

They said, guys always whine about how girls are hard to understand. I'm sure everyone's sick of the "yes means no and no means yes" complaints and all the crazy jokes guys crack about girls being the greatest mystery in the world... Agree? But come to think of it, guys are pretty hard to decipher too! Really hard!! Hehehhe.... You see, they just keep it by their own, seems like they have their own world. They can be confusingly caring when they only see you as a friend and they can be mysteriously distant when they're madly inlove.

Like what they say, when guys fall in love, it doesn't usually happen in a snap. They go through a maze of thoughts with many different stages.. Unlike us girls, we're too different from them. Some stages lead somewhere, while others lead to dead ends. To the girls out there, if your guy is in one of these stages, you can be sure that the possibility of falling in love is very, very real. And although some may skip certain steps or go through them in different sequences, these are the main stages he goes through when he falls in love with you..

Remember girls.. "There is no bad boy in courting.. Guys always put their best foot forward." So better get to know your guys very well... Because they are always at their best in front of you! :) And hey... no matter how bad the guy is... there's always a good side of him that will capture you the most! And to end this up, they're totally not that bad after all... If you'll just get to know them better!! Have fun! And have a prosperous NEW YEAR!! Enjoy!!

Au revoir!! Jah bLess!!

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