Welcoming 2008!!!

Wel, what can I say? 2007 is about to end and 2008 is just around the corner! So far, a lot of good and bad things happened on this year. A memorable year for me and for others as well. This is the year where I have to welcome my senior year, being exposed to different special areas like Psychia ward and Geriatric and E.R too! I had so much fun and friends worth to be remembered. This is the year where we started our reviews already, thesis writing, sleepovers with the group and food trip, all in all, total bonding with the group.. In this year, I had my freedom, my ex and I broke up for some unexplained reasons and was able to commit to another relationship; this time for good. :) And lastly, the last Christmas party of our classmates, the last days that we will be spending our time together as a class.
These are some of the few good things the year has brought us. Well, it's not just about good things, we were able to come across with the bad things too but sad to say, I just can't mention them 'coz they are worth to be forgotten and not to be remembered at all. They are all lesson learned and already had become a part of our past. Anyweiz, what matters is that we were able to make the most out of it and we had fun in this year!
Hours from now, we will at last bid farewell to 2007 and welcome 2008 with prayers, and smiles in our faces. Got to list down all your resolutions and expect for another adventures and trials in 2008. Let's not fogrget to thank GOD for another year, another new life and a new beginning. For those who wants to change, this year is a good start. Let's continue to hope for the betterment of our future and start all over again.
So before ending this up, HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone! May you enjoy your NEW YEAR with your family, friends, loved ones and someone special. May the LORD GOD continue to pour blessings on you and your family! ENJOY! and have fun!!!
AU REVOIR!!!!! mwahugz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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