wHo Am I?

You see, I'm just like any other average teenage girl.. Loves to have fun and loves to hang out most often. I can be wild and playful sometimes, but hey, human as I am! I hate back stabbers, pretenders and insecure people. Copycats makes me sick!! To hell I don't give a damn care about those who talk dirty behind my back. Like duh! That means I am two steps ahead of you or should I say (x4). Naughty but nice, that's me. I make stupid mistakes and commit them over and over again. They say, realization comes after,but then it never applies to me. I talk often and mingle with others, flexible and adventurous, sassy and carefree, easy to be with but watch out I can be your worst nightmare if you'll betray me. Pessimistic but patient and that's me. I can keep secrets and I would keep them for the rest of our life, 'coz I am a true friend. Actually, I am just plain and simple. I can be you "it-girl" and you really won't be having a hard time in dealing with me.

Boys will be boys.. I can love you for now and love you for the rest of my life but its your problem if you know how to handle me at my worst. If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve my best. I can flirt in a click and forget you in a seconds. But once I care for you, I surely mean it. You won't regret it. I'll be giving out my best but please don't take advantage of my love, 'coz my love can easily fade out. Freedom and space is what I've always wanted. I am not your property and I am only part of your life, not YOUR life! Human as I am, I commit mistakes, I fall into temptations and I could lie, but then I know how to make excuses just to end the story. You can trust me, but then I don't trust you. :) We all want to play fair games ayt? I love challenges and tests but if you can't pass nor failed to surpass all the challenges, you better back out. I'm sick of all the lies, enough of it already, I'd rather hear the truth so don't keep secrets from me. Let go if you want to, I will hold you back for the moment, but if along the way, having "me" doesn't make you happy anymore, I can set you free. I am not mean, but I can be if you want to...

And hey that's me... And it's all that I could ever be... :)

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