Good Morning greetings!!

Good morning queen city of the south!!! Another day and New year is fast approaching. Too bad, resume of classes is fast approaching too! Again, boring student life... I'll be dealing with books, reviews, duty, quizzes, braintwisting exams, and hectic schedule of a busy student! Duh! As if like that busy.. Anyweiz, graduation is just around the corner.. Hopefully, I'll be able to graduate (hoping I'll be able to complete my DR and OR cases), too bad if not.. Well, January and for the rest of the month will be a hectic schedule for me, since we all have to prepare ourselves for the finale of our student years and crossing our fingers at the same time if we could be able to pass the board exam. Well, I'm not expecting that much but I'm praying that I'll be able to pass.. Phew!! And by the way, maybe months from now, I won't be able to update my blogs most of the time 'coz you know nah.. :) hehehe.. And so, I guess this is it.. Looking forward to this day! Gotta go.. I still have to watch a movie with my bro.. Have fun!!

PS: Today is Reezuh's b-day! And we will be celebrating it @their crib.. Happy Birthday RIZ!!

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