Monday just another stressful day

Ok.. Today is monday and my day is totally very tiring but at the same time I was saved by the good LORD.. hihihihi.. Ok.. Where should I start? It goes like this, I woke up late, I had to laundry my uniform and iron them, I still have a reaction paper to do and my homework as well, I still have to scan my notes and study for a quiz, I still have lots of work to accomplish yet I woke up late. Damn. I'm into adrenalin rush and I'm so tensed on what to do next. I left the house almost 12 and so I decided to go on a taxi just to stay away from another excuse letter. When I reached the school, I was in a hurry making my homework or should I say, school work already 'coz the fact that it was done in the school. Thank GOD, I was then able to make it. I wasn't that prepared to take the quiz 'coz I wasn't able to scan my notes and my mind is not the mood to even read a single paragraph or sentence. I kept myself busy from talking with my classmate, Reehzuh.. I was telling her on how our 1st monthsary turned out to be (RUINED) and that 's it. I took the quiz with all the stock knowledge I've got. We checked the papers and it turned out that I got 12. Sure, its not a passing remark but at least, I'm not the lowest. I'm still in the rank of having half shots. So, that's it. That's how my day turned out to be. :)

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