Valentines Day...

In the month of February, what's the first thing that came across in your mind with this month? Hmmmmm.. Of course, Heart's day! One thing reminds me of Valentines, the symbol heart which usually represents L-O-V-E!! Ayeeeeeeee....... Preparations and reservations are usually the big highlights of this event. Of course, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears or stuff toys and a lot more to mention, is of the highest demand during this month. Every girl hopes and wishes and pretty exicted to receive gifts from their lovers, and as to those single and searching, they try to treat their own selves or spend with their single friends too! This day is not just for lovers, it's for everyone. It's for the singles, lovers, married couples or even children. The main thought here is simply to spread LOVE to everyone. And that's just it. And lastly, Valentines wouldn't be a Valentines without a hug and a kiss from special someone. So here's a hug and kiss to all of you, I guess it's not yet too late to greet, but for me, everyday, I'm spreading out love to each and everyone.!!! Love you all!! And have fun!

ps: and ei, if in case you'd like to share on how your date turned out, feel free to leave comments. I'd be willing to listen.. So feel free, don't hesitate.

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