A lot of things occupies my mind lately... I'm borbarded with lots of problem... I feel so pressed out, feels like the world hates me, feeling empty, out-of-place, and got nowhere to hide. Sitting somewhere here, alone and so wanted to cry, somehow it finds relief to the pain I feel... It's more than a prick, I'm deeply wounded, I LOST THE BATTLE, and I don't know if I could still be able to stand again. I feel so down, this pain is killing me. I am in the brink of loneliness. I wanted to runaway and escape, but then I've come to realize, it will only worsen my problem. What should I do? What have I done? I am in the state of denial and slowly, I'm losing my own self-confidence and my self-esteem is getting down.

I dont' know as to where I am standing right now. Is this just a feeling that every normal individual feels? The water is so calm and the sunset reminds me of GOD.. Now I know, HE's all I ever needed... Lately, I've been so busy with the wordly place and I felt like I left him. I wanted to scream out loud and cry!!!!! All my dreams are falling apart, I've been a failure and all my life, all I ever made was all of the wrong decisions, or should I say, dead-end for me! Stupid as it is, I so wanted to drown myself from the river of tears, my own tears.... I feel like crying... But no single tear would fall... My heart is totally aching... Damn with this feeling.. It's the end of all my dreams! Too bad I've been living my life with all regrets and stupidity!!!! :(


uttari said...

ahaha.. histrionic moment one on one... need help..? wanna talk about it? ventilate your FEELINGS... ahaha.. mkahilak man sad tah ug ACIDO ana kryszie.. ehehe... ^-^

Itahl said...

hhehhe.. mao jud kish.... im just expressing all the hurt and the pain i felt... :( too bad I just couldn't ear them out!


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