Back to school!!

Pack up all your things 'coz its back to school already. Certainly, prepare all your notebooks, fluffy pens and jot down all your needs/requirements for this school year. And basically it's back to homeworks, projects and sleepless nights over and over again. As for others, it's a yeehey, 'coz back to school means $$$$ allowance. As for me, I'm looking forward to a new job. Yep, the jobless days is over, I'm about to move on for a new career in my life (not related in my course). Of course, I'm about to try something new, something different (for a change); well at the same time, I'm preparing myself for the upcoming board exam, though I'm really not that prepared and my mind is not in condition in studying, I don't think all the things that I have read will surely be remembered (hope so....) Well, that's it for me, I'll be starting out next week. Hope it will turn out good and hopefully, I'll be able to survive and have a good and positive feedbacks towards my students...

Ps: My new job is about teaching Koreans, ESL for short. Looking forward to start next week..

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