Self-confessed pretender.. That's me.. I have to pretend that I'm okay even though I'm hurting. It's the only way I can get through with it. Why am I still feeling this way? Am I that hard to be understood? I just don't get it.. I simply can't get it... This pain keeps on haunting me.. constantly.. Why are you hurting me? You said you won't hurt me, but why are you doing this to me? Why are you making things so complicated, making this things a bit too hard for me. What did I do? Tell me.. What should I do so that I can no longer feel this pain? You're the only that have caused it, and you're the only one who could ease the pain away... Damn it actually hurts.. Over and over again.. It's killing me slowly... Please don't do this to me.. Will you stop hurting me just for once? I just can't get enough of this pain.. :'(

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Jackie said...


You know you have a good head on your shoulders for a young girl.

I feel the same way you do. I still stay happy when I am hurting. It is a good thing because you stay positive. I have learned you get along better if you stay positive. It is hard at times and you get disappointments and hurts. But it works out better for you if you stay positive.

Keep visualizing your goals. Never quit no matter what obstacles get in your way. You will find a way to reach your goals and get rid of some your pain.

You are not a pretender, you are a positive person who will obtain her goals no matter what obstacles and pain might come along in the process.

Your friend,


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