Cebu; the place you don't wanna miss..

The Queen City of the South
Cebu is totally a place you don't wanna miss. Aside from the fact that I am a resident in Cebu; it's unique view, white sand beaches, accomodating and comfortable hotels, and of course, to top it all, the Cebuanos who are very hospitable in nature. With its emerald islands, breathtaking beaches around you with their natural beauty. Sparkling stretches of white sand and crystal waters lie in wait for you in this seaside sanctuary. Do everything or do absolutely nothing, the choice is yours. To top it all you can make Cebu your playground by the sea and unearth an oasis full of unexpected treasures.

Well, I've been living in Cebu for 20 years in my life now and I can say that Cebu is the nicest place to live in. It's the place where you can say that you want to stay for the rest of your life. No wonder, visitors, foreign nationals and balikbayan just can't get rid in coming back to Cebu. Cebuanos are talented people, aside from their own language, which is Cebuano, they know how to speak Tagalog and English as well, talented as we are huh. Well, lots of well-known personalities came from Cebu. Anyweiz, Cebu is more than just a place of relaxation and adventure, surely, it's where your heart will stay. Have fun!! And may you enjoy your stay here in Cebu!

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