Another adventure to look forward to

SUMMER.. SUMMER.. SUMMER!!! Can't get rid of summer! Tan lines, bikini's, cold drink at hand, beach bums and o, lala, to top it all, the heat of the sun.. Phew... First summer of got nothing to do. Well, I've been spending my summer to the maximum time. From moalboal to malabuyoc and now.. we're up to the mountains.. Yep, indeed, we're going to Mt. Manunggal! Yipeeee... So what's the fuss with it? Hmmm.. adventure and fun!! yeah ryt.. It's been my first time and sad to say, I'm the only girl and there are only a few of us.. But anywayz, I'm up to the view and the experience.. So excited to it... pictures to capture moments and memories that will last a lifetime.. See you then at Mt. Manuggal!!

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