Words of encouragement

Here's something for you to inspire on: Life is all about ups and downs. Always keep your feet on the ground, stay humble; don't be too arrogant. Well we always have different sides of story, we all face different challenges and learn to handle criticism with a smile. If people hurt you, revenge will not do, rather kill them with kindness, remember it is biblical that you have to love your enemy. Be a friend, learn to listen, appreciate and comfort. Never leave any promises if you ought to break them. Learn from your experiences, like what they say experiences is the best teacher. If you think nobody loves you, well think it over and over again, someone loves you up there.. Count your blessings, learn to be contented. Life is full of challenges and trials, just don't give up, you can make it, you just have to have faith.. Grab some opportunities if there is any. Life is a once in a lifetime experience, so live as if everyday is the last 'coz you could never take back the time. Treasure each moments, seize the day, laugh hard, share what you have learned, grow up, there's always something to look forward, if problems try to pull you down, always look on the bright side and lastly, be yourself, don't pretend somebody you're not. You are a unique creation of GOD. GOD loves you, we all do... :) Till here.. Keep smiling.. Enjoy!!

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Jackie said...


Such great words of wisdom. I totally agree with everything your post says.

Love those who hate you. Kill them with kindness. Great words of wisdom.

Your Friend,


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