Mt. Manunggal expedition

Wooohoooo!!!!!! At last! Victory is sweet! Finally, I did it! Phew>.. It wasn't that easy huh. Mt. Manunggal expedition finally paved its way. And yes, I've been there. It was a one of a kind experience. I swear, it was really cool. We made our own trail and with all the heavy backpacks that we're bringing and other stuff, feels like I'm joining for the SURVIVOR and indeed luckily I survive. It was a long walk, of course with the blessing of the rain, the slippery rocks, the plants that kept on hitting our legs as we walk along (of course, they too are of the big help 'coz we cling to them when we were about to be slipped), the wet soiled that's quite hard to step on because its slippery, the people I am with, and lastly, the adventure that's totally unforgettable. I had fun with the group I am with, but it's even more memorable when all my superfriends are with me, joining our adventure. It's so sad that they were not able to make it. Haaaii.. Anyweiz.. Looking forward for another rocky mountain adventure. And of course, a pic to remember our adventure! Till another adventure soon... :)

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