I wonder how my life would be without my dad? Hmmm... Of course, I wouldn't be so lucky without him. My dad, whom was the bread winner of our family, with the responsibility that was passed on to him, he took the responsibility and took care of everything. Not to mention, the status that we have right now, we wouldn't be able to reach this far if it wasn't for his effort. And thanks to his genes, I was beautifully made and to my mom's genes too! And also, if it wasn't for my parents, I wouldn't exist here on earth. There would be no Krystal Pearl that would exists. And I wouldn't be this unique if it wasn't for my parent's efforts and their genes! khkhkkh...

Eversince I was born into this world, I grew up with the fact that my dad has always been our provider and indeed he never proved me wrong because he provided us with everything. He's not selfish, he takes good care of us and makes sure that all our needs have been met, and he surprises us once in a while too. What I love about my dad is that, he's a carefree person, he is kind hearted and a good father to us. He seldom gets mad, and he seldom argues with us. And also he's funny and cool to be with too. He disciplined us that is why we are raised as well mannered children. Well, I wouldn't be a professional nurse without my dad's financial support. Thanks to his stable job, me and my sister were able to finish college. I owe my success to my dad who supported me with my financial needs even before as I was still a student. Even though at times, when money is hard to find, he will still finds a way to provide me with all my needs in school, may it be tuition, other expense and even allowance. See? That is why I am super duper proud of my dad, who molded us and trained us into a great and professional human beings.

So here's a letter to my super duper cool dad:

Papa dear, thank you for everything. And I'm really sorry I wasn't able to greet you on your day. My sincerest apology, but anyway, I guess its not yet that late for me to greet you a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY PAPA DEAR!! I know life has been tough with our family, with all the mistakes you have done in the past, we forgive you. And with all the trials and challenges that our family have face, by GOD's will, we will be able to surpass all these trials in life, we'll just hold on to each other as a family and we will hold on tight to GOD and pray on our bended knees for GOD's help. I know HE will take good care of us and that HE is in control. Thank you for everything papa. Thank you for the love and support you have given to me. I wouldn't be this successful if it wasn't for you papa. Thank you so much for everything. Words are not enough for me to thank you. I am sooooo lucky to have a father like you. And I thank the LORD GOD above, for giving me a dear father like you. You are one of the greatest gifts GOD has given to me. Thank you LORD.. I love you papa... we are so proud of you!! You totally rock!!!

And LORD GOD, you are our heavenly father. You are the father of all.. This occassion is not just for our human dads, but YOU are also one of the everyday reasons why we celebrate FATHER'S DAY! Because you are our Abba Father! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY LORD GOD!! We your children are very much thankful for the life you have endowed to us! Thank you for dying on the cross for us. Thank you once again for the life you have given to us, thank you for the success you have given to me, the never ending support to our family and the unconditional love you have given to us. Thank you.. thank you. super thank you.. We love you LORD!!! Thank you so much..

And before I end this up, allow me to greet all the FATHER'S out there! And all the soon to be father's too!! May GOD BLESS YOU and your families as well!!! Lovelots to all the father's!!!!


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This is such a cool blog. I love it and I look forward to more :D

Itahl said...

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