Model in the making

Can you actually believe it? I totally made it! Y-E-S!!! Y-E-S!! I am on the cover of my favorite magazine, CANDY.. WOW!! I'm so loving it! Exciting isn't it? Oh yes.... I am tooootally overwhelmed.. Everything seems to be so perfect, the looks, the picture and even the layout, wow... simply just can't get enough, so what are you waiting for? Hurry, rush to your nearest magazine stalls and bookstores and buy your own copy 'coz this is only limited edition.... Oh my... Oh my... Amazing...


but then again.. it's only an illusion, a day dream, a fantasy, and time for me to wake up! Wake up Krystal! Wake upppppp!!!
Wake up into the world of reality!!!! Oh common....

-------------------Now I'm wide awake. ------------------

Eversince I was a kid, I always admire models on the print ads, billboards, magazines and tv, and I often wonder, how it feels like to be one. You know, the fame and all the perks and the life of a model. You see, seems like they're born to be perfect and everything: the looks, the body to die for, the height, and the skin and all you could ever picture out what a model looks like. But FYI everyone, they too have their own flaws, their own weaknesses, and they are not perfect, of course, nobody's perfect either.

But now, I'm still livin' in an illusion, in my dreams that I can become a model. BUt WAIT! Who says I'm not? Of course, I am a model. Not a ramp model or a print ad model, but a model to my younger generation. A model of good character and a positive attitude. Though I exist in my too extraordinary simple world, but for me, I am a model in my own world, in my heart and in my soul, I exist in the world of modeling of good character and a positive attitude. but hey, it doesn't necessarily need to be beautiful to become a model, what matter is that you have confidence in yourself and believe that you are beautiful and a personality that shines through and that would amaze the world; and as for me? I am proud and confident to say that I am beautiful inside and out.. With the positive outlook in life and confidence in oneself, that brings out the very best of a girl who looks at the world with a very big smile on her face and still looks forward to a brighter world! Am I right?

Oooopppps.. Till here.. I know, this is not a dream, 'coz I'm still wide awake.. Anyways, time to go now.. Clock's ticking.. I have pictorials and appointments to attend to, (here I am again..) hahaha

Byebye everyone... :) Au revoir!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa lovin!!!!

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