Insomnia attack

Rise and shine everyone!!! Good morning!!!! My morning sounds so great, but the truth behind it is that, I haven't slept since last night. Now, I feel like I'm super high. Really, I'm not sleepy yet nor had the feeling that I wanted to sleep. I had a terrible insomnia. Grrrrrrrrr.... But the good thing here is that, there's nothing to worry about because I can sleep anytime I want, for the reason that I have all the time in the world (for now). No appointments, no errands, no date, and other stuff. So, I can sleep all day and wake up anytime I want. Yippeeeeee

But since I'm still wide awake, I'm done checking my mails, updated my online store, joined some forums, checked other sites, and a lot more. But you know what? With all the updates that I did, I totally had fun updating my twitter. Yep.. yep.. I'm starting to love twitter more than I could ever imagine. I never thought I could post pictures but glad I already did. weeeeee.. I'm so lovin' it... Thanks to maxene magalona, since I'm following her in twitter, she shared something and when I came to look at it, I was totally amaze, really, thanks to her, now I know that I can post and share pics in twitter too.. I love it!! For those who wants to follow me in twitter, feel free to follow, my username is itahl. Of course, you have to be a member first before you can follow me. Hihihihi...It's good to be part of twitter, it keeps you updated with your friends everynow and then.

Anyweiz, I had fun surfing the net even though I had insomnia attacks. Next plan? Hmmm.. Play guitar geek. I want to beat all my friends. Hahahaha... Totally a geek! Till here.. I still have to visit more interesting sites and play more exciting games until I have the urge to sleep already.. Love lots!!! mwah!! mwah!! mwah!!!

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