I've always thought that blogging is boring but then I find myself so into it. I mean, I had 2 blogs from the blogger site, 1 xanga, 1 myspace, 1 friendster and 1 multiply blog and each of the topic varies from one blog to the other, I even update myself now through twitter, though only 2 of my friends registered but then, as time goes by, never would I imagine, I now have 11 followers. Wow! I'm overwhelmed. Really, even if it's only 11 but still I never thought they would follow me, I'm not a public figure that someone would totally follow or be interested with, I'm just simple from the girl next door, shy and silent. Weeew... Quite flattering really. :)

Anyways, back into this blogging thing, I love to blog because I can always express what I truly feel, no pretentions, nothing to fear, and the fact that I remain anynymous. Way back when I was still in high school, I used to write and scribble down the events of my day and everything in my diary. Believe it or not, I have 6 diaries all in all. But eversince I involved myself in this blogging thing, my diaries remained 6 as it is. And what I truly love about blogging is that I can still keep my secrets, share my experiences, express my frustrations, wishes, dreams and ambitions without nothing to worry about because I can always keep my identity anonymous and it's really all up to me whether I'll reveal it or not, but for me, it doesn't really matter, because this seems to be my online diary, as to where I can pour out my emotions and be myself. But what inspires me most of the time, is having feedbacks and comments about my topic or my blog, may it be my blog design/layout up to the least details of the title of my blog, it feels like, one can relate with the experience/s that I've been going through and someone takes his/her time reading these personal blog of mine. Nothing interesting but glad they find it interesting. Having them around, is totally amazing. But I'm not blogging just to be praised, still, for me, this is who I am, my life and my own self, it's all up to them whether they'll accept me or not, I don't really care.

I've been talking a lot now and it's early in the morning and I'm still wide awake. But you know what? I still don't feel sleepy. I think my sleeping pattern is abnormal but the good thing here is that I still get a lot of sleep despite everything. Hahhaahah!

Even if blogging for others is boring but for me this is my life, my home and my comfort zone. Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear about. Just totally me. And I'm so0000 loving it!

Times up! Time for me to end this conversation with my own self. Time to hit the bed and rest.

PS: Call it Ms. COnfident but without hesitation, I nominated my self to Philippine Blog Awards. I'm not really expecting that much, but at least trying won't hurt a bit either. Besides, this is a free country and I do think I have the talent as well and the qualifications for such, so why not? It's an opportunity already knocking on my door and a blessing as well. Whether I will win or not but the thought that at least I tried! :) And nothing's really wrong with that (I suppose). C:

BUt if you have time, feel free to drop by and nominate my blog. I'm not forcing you to nominate me, it's really all up to you, this is a democratic country, you have your freedom. But if you feel like voting me, then vote for me! :) I'd be glad to! And thanks in advance everyone!!! May GOD BLESS you all!

Curious? Here's the url:

Super duper thanks!!!!! Mwah! mwah! mwah! mwah!!!!!! Lotsa lovin!!!!

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