Wish me luck

It's kinda late at night and I'm still wide awake. I haven't eaten my dinner yet and I don't feel hungry either. I'm not on a diet nor trying to save up my money. I'm just not quite in the mood to eat. Oooops sorry.. Anyweiz, yesterday was tooootally a disappointing day for me and totally frustrating. Its totally depressing but trying to find ways to cope up with it. Today, it seems quite okay, but totally not okay, its never good to say okay 'coz its totally not okay. It's as much as I want to express my frustrations but then too shy to admit such, I'd rather keep it in private than publicized it. Anyways, they say, when one opportunity closes, another door opens. Yesterday one opportunity totally closed its doors but then, here's comes another big opportunity knocking. And I tell you, I'm not born to be a giver-uper! I fight and fight and fight, did I forgot to mention that I am an ultimate fighter? And now, with all the downfalls of yesterday, I am ready to stand up and move on.

By the way, tomorrow, I'll be having my interview from People2Outsource company and also from Northern Transcription. I have lots of appointment for tomorrow and hoping that I would be accepted by the job offer, but if not, still, it's not yet the end of the world. I know, that another door of opportunity will open in GOD's perfect time, besides, I am patiently waiting. (Smile) :)

So I guess, time to end up here. I still need to reprint my resume and my other credentials. Probably tomorrow, I'll also be submitting my resume and other credentials in hospitals too, so as to apply as a volunteer nurse. Just want to make use of my degree and my profession as well.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!!! May GOD BLESS ME and my boyfriend as well. Hoping that we will be both accepted by the same company that we will be applying and will also be referred by the same company too. Thanks a lot LORD!

Nytie night everyone! Busy ME now signing off! XOXO...

PS: May GOD BLESS the souls for those decievers out there! Hahahah

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