Boys over flowers

I wanted to share something to all of you yesterday, but due to some work I have to finish and I was quite busy that is why I wasn't able to blog. Yesterday, I uploaded some pics of last Saturday's event which was kuya Rany's belated birthday celebration and at the same time, trying to finish the errand my mom gave to me but still, despite the busy-ness, still I was able to upload all the pictures and was able to post new pics in my twitter too! C:

Anyways, yesterday, I felt lazy and quite not feeling well, so I decided to just stay at home. And since I slept late the other day, I slept early in the morning and woke up late in the afternoon and by the time I woke up yesterday, my sister arrived in the house quite late because she was tasked to deliver the orders and on her way home she passed by the street and saw a street vendor selling pictures of the casts of Boys over flowers, and since she knew I've been following the series and go crazy "kilig" over them, she bought me these wallet size pictures of them. I super love it and super thanks to my sister.

So much for all the talk and blah blah's, so here it is:

So that's it for now! Just droppin' by to share my thoughts and my pics as well. Hahahaha.. Till here guys!


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