pissed off

I'm so pissed off. What the heck does he mean? Am I cheating? This is so stupid. I am so damn tired of being accused of something in which you haven't done before. Let's just put this way, he's throwing all the jokes at me 'coz the fact that he could have always blackmailed me. I am so damn tired!! And all that he could ever do is threat me. Like for example, my colleague was just telling me to go home, sleep early 'coz I still have to wake up early tomorrow, and before he left, he said to let my baby (a.k.a my bf) sleep early and that's what he said. But he was acting stupid! Acting as if I made a big mistake! Hey stupid the revenge you did is not a good joke! Do you think I was happy??? Yeah right!! The joke he threw at me was a great insult! HAPPY?? HUh! You stupid cat!!!! Get a life! I am so damn tired... :( can I just breathe?? T_T


Crissy said...

that happened to me. and it's not good.

Itahl said...

thanks crissy.. yeah, its no good.. i agree.. :)


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