Too sad to be true

And finally, the moment of truth, the result of the board exam for Nursing for November 2009 has already been released. Thanks to Kaye, who tagged some of her friends in the Facebook that made me aware that the results has already been released. And so, without further hesitations, I rushed my self to the PRC site and went to the letter S in which it is arranged alphabetically, and then excited to see somehow the name of my best bud, but when I was almost there, when I saw a surname almost near to her surname too, I felt warm, my excitement was replaced with frown and I felt goosebumps, I was starring at the pc screen like a comatose patient, I couldn't move any muscles in my body, I couldn't speak nor utter a single word. I was totally down and I realize that I was shaking. I just don't know what to say. Instead of starring at it the whole hour, I jumped from another page to see if my other 2 friends were there, but unfortunately, neither of them passed too. I was so shocked. I just don't know what to say, what to react. A lot of things been bugging me like what should I do? Should I comfort them now? Or is it better to comfort them later knowing that they've been having a tough time at the very moment? Should I text or chat? Or send message perhaps? I was really really having a hard time trying to figure out what to do. And then in an instant, I checked my friend's YM and found out that's she's not online but she logged on to SMS.

So I sent her a message and my message was kinda weird in a way that I sounded I-don't-know but its really weird and here's how my message goes: "Hey best bud (name), I miss you so much... Feel free to visit me here, to unwind yourself at least at this very moment. Let's have fun, I know its just a temporary escape but at least you get to relieve yourself with all the stress that you are facing right now. Just a couple of days will do. I'm here... Though I'm not there to comfort you physically but be strong. I miss you and love yah best bud (name) always.. **** message sent ******

And there was my text. And then, to my surprise she replied and here's here reply:
"Hey tahl. You don't have to worry about me, I'm not alone, there are many of us who failed. hehehe.. Don't worry, you've comforted me already even if it's just like this. I'm ok. I miss you. Love yah.

And those were the last exchange of messages. Even up to now, I just don't know how to comfort her, I mean I can only imagine how hard it is for her or them, I've never been in that situation so I can't really say that it's ok 'coz it was never okay to fail nor its never good to say ok 'coz honestly its not. And that's it.. Even up to now.. I feel sad for them....

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