Expect the Unexpected

I thought I'm down to my last warning when all of a sudden my manager handed me pieces of paper for me to sign. When I read the heading, it says there that its a "Show Cause Memo - with a subject - Violation of Attendance Policy". Fuck, I received a written warning for my tardiness and one late would escalate to 1 day suspension. Oh my, now my record sucks. I told myself that I have to maintain a clean record 'coz I'm aiming for a promotion but here comes this written warning that was issued to me now that really sucks big time. Hell yeah, I've been working so hard for my stats to remain above or within average but then just for my two lates and I have reasons why I am late and no consideration? :( Now I felt sad, I am now discouraged to the fact that I am no longer a candidate for promotion. That means I can never be promoted, not anymore. And so, because of this, I finally decided to file my resignation by next year. I'll find a new job, I'll start from a clean slate. Next year, I'll shift to another work, another career. I'll wait 'till next year because I can't resign right away 'coz I'm still waiting for the payout for the incentive program, for the 13th month and the tax return. That is why I'm patiently waiting till next year and that's final. I'm already in my 1st year here and I admit I had fun, I was able to gain new friends, new experiences and new stories to tell.

Well, that's life after all. We have to move on.. tsk.. tsk... :(

PS: Goodbye promotion...

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