The Final Verdict

Finally after all the sleepless nights and the hectic schedule, the long wait is over! And I'm done training for the 2nd batch! Boy, I was very pressured because almost all of them have call center experience and I have to do it better the 2nd time around. The first batch was my trial and error and this time for the 2nd batch, I have to make it right. I admit, I did my best for the two batches and I hope everything will turn out well. Just like the first batch, during their graduation day, they decided to hang out and again, another Karaoke fun! FYI: Filipinos totally loves to sing, you can tell!! LOL! But this time, instead of going to Chicago, we went to Muchos which actually is my first time in going there. The place is enough for the group and not so pricey, as long as you have to make reservations ahead of time because it's in demand. Anyways, was able to snap few shots from my team and it was one heck of a day to remember!! Hope you learned something from me guys!

My 2nd batch babies!
The girls

CHEERS! Congratulations guys!


jozefina said...

Nice pictures!!!

fashioneggpplant said...


join my sTiLa giveaway!

Krystal Pearl said...

@jozefina - thanks dear.. thanks for the visit and the comments.. visited your page too. nice blog. =)

@fashioneggplant -thanks. joined your giveaway, hope I'll win.. =)

thanks for the visit girls.. followed you all. =) more power to our blogs. Love you all.. =)


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