Weekend madness

My immune system is totally weak these past few weeks. Not to mention, I had fever+flu+colds all in one. During my rest day, I decided to do nothing but rest and sleep the whole day. But to no avail, we had some parties to attend to and some chores to finish. I had a difficult time sleeping because of my clogged sometimes runny nose. I drank a lot of water but still it's not working and I have to get well by Monday because I have another new trainees to train. Another pressure but I enjoyed every bit of it. Moving on, felt sad because I wasn't able to go to church for the reason that earlier we attended a birthday party and after the party, we decided to watch a movie. Surely, we went to Greenbelt 3 and after window shopping, we decided to just go and watch a movie. We were having a hard time deciding which movie to watch, the choices are it's either Black Swan by Natalie Portman or Drive Angry by Nicolas Cage. As far as I've heard and read from the movie reviews, Black Swan is nice but we just decided to go and see Drive Angry because I was thinking Mingming might be bored, because I think Black Swan is a chick flick. I can rate the movie, so so. Just enough, not so good, not so bad. So that's how my weekend ended. Tomorrow is Monday and sorry but I totally hate Mondays. I can't wait for this week to end.

How about you guys? How did you spend your weekend? Hope you had a blast!! Take care! XOXO!!!

While waiting for the food to be served.. =) 

Mingming - his outfit looks like he's a beach bummer

The Celebrant

This is what I wore today. Bum.. Bum.,.. Sorry for the haggard look.


kathifoldsfive said...

ooooh how was Drive Angry? Nicolas Cage has been boring me lately, so I'm kinda skeptical about this one. Hope your week won't be too bad. :)

following, btw.
kathi folds five

BobbieAustin27 said...

love your top you have on in the last picture
cool blog, now following :)
hope you visit my blog & follow back


Krystal Pearl said...

@kathifoldsfive - The movie is nice but quite ok. I can rate it as so so.. Thanks a lot. Followed you as well. My week is absolutely crazy but enjoying. How bout you?

@bobbieaustin27 - thanks for the follow.. followed you too. visited your blog as well and left comments..

Hi girls! Thanks for the follow. You guys rock! =) Followed you both.. Good luck to our blogs. Hugs and Kisses everyone.. mwah!

Francesca said...

Aw thank you so much i'm following back :)



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