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Lately, due to a very hectic schedule I never had a chance to go shopping. Aside from the fact that I am particularly saving my salary because I will be resigning anytime soon and it's because I'm saving for something big for the reason that me and my mom planned to go to Singapore probably by August. After resigning, I never have plans of working right away. I first want to just sit back and relax and just maybe do online business. And speaking of online business, you know how every fashion blogger especially here in the Philippines are into online shopping? Yes, you saw it right, every fashion blogger in the Philippines are recently purchasing some of their fashion clothing and accessories through online. I tried it too many times and I tell you it's very addicting. I can't help but click the buy now or add to your cart buttons. I admit I am such an impulsive buyer especially when I totally love the item that I literally can't sleep without buying it (exaggerated) LOL.  And so, a while ago, since too much Facebook is boring already, I decided to go visit some legit online shops and I came across Zalora and Chicify.

It's not my first time to hear these two sites and I could no longer count as to how many times I've visited their sites. I haven't purchased anything though, not yet but I planned of buying soon. For now, I'm still thinking of what to buy. These two sites were mentioned by some local fashion bloggers that I religiously follow like Pax of  Drowning Equilibrium, Vern of A Shoe Tale, Ava of Artsy Farty Ava  and some of the known local bloggers. You see, they had posted about the items that they purchased at these sites and I even saw one blogger who attended an event which is the launching of Zalora, I'm not sure if it was launching or just an invitation and I can't even remember who that blogger is. 

Anyway, like what I said, I might purchase an item from those sites soon but as of now, I am happy with Multiply Marketplace, eBay and Facebook (yes, some entrepreneurs are selling their items via Facebook). Thank GOD with advanced technology! Yey! 

PS: Just bought 2 new skirts. Will post about it soon. =) Excited!  

Curious? Feel free to visit these sites: 

Zalora - 

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vanessa east said...

hi, krystal! ahahah were you wearing this skirt na may cute prints and a cardigan? you should have said HI hahaha :)



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