City of Golden Friendship

Went to visit my grandparents in Cagayan De Oro city or otherwise known as City of Golden Friendship. It's been 8 years since the last time I visited my grandparents there and my cousins. A lot has changed and together with me is my mom and my baby Luke. Wasn't able to have decent outfit shots since the clothes that I packed were comfortable and too plain jane since my grandparents are conservative type. They even told me my shorts is too short but I just said this is fashion nowadays. Well, they just couldn't agree with me. Anyways, stayed there for 5 days and toured around the city (no pics around the city 'coz I left my camera at home.). Hope I can visit there more often. How about you guys? Have you been there? I love to listen to your stories! 

At the airport with a signage that says "City of Golden Friendship"

With my baby Luke, this is his first time to visit CDO

My dearest Grandma. She's 80 years old 

My Aunt Eden

My dearest Grandpa - he is 84 years old as far as I can remember

Grandparents with their great grand son

On our way back to Cebu. Me and Luke at the airport. While waiting for our boarding time. 


Lia said...

that baby is too cute!

Glass of Fashion

JC Mercado said...

i bet you had a great time! got my new blog pala, please show some love ha? chos!


RaeAbigael said...

cute! Ü

anyway,please join my post birthday giveaway and win fabulous and cute stuff. I hope you'll be one of my three winners! :)

melvin said...

that baby is so cute! pag nahawakan ko yan bugbog pisngi nyan ng kurot at!


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