If it fits

Lately, I've been eyeing some shoes, heels and sandals in the world wide web. A statement and a sophisticated heels or shoes are a staple fashion must have's. I admit I only had few pairs of heels but that's something I wanted to invest more in my shoe closet. An outfit can never go wrong with a perfect fit of shoes or sandals, somewhat catchy and appealing.

Since my birthday is coming up, as early as now, I've been hunting for a few pairs of shoes and heels and wedges and flats. And I just want to share some of my favorites, who knows someone will be kind enough and might give me a new pair of heels on my birthday. #exciting

See? So fashionable!  What's your bet? 


Maria Dehtiaruk said...

nice shoes!
Do you want to follow each other? Let me know!

Hajar said...

Love the shoes



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