Siam and friends

It's been quite a while since the last time I saw my best buds. Now that we all have different lives and jobs and responsibilities, finding a time to gather them is quite a tough challenge. I am not good in planning a get together but this one's an exception. I have to make a move by planning this out. It was tough, I had to check their schedules and make plans out of it. Of course, I also have to squeeze my time if I am pretty much available on that event. After weeks of sorting their schedules out, we've decided to meet yesterday afternoon.

And so the day has come, we planned to meet when all of a sudden one of my friend had an emergency and she had to rush back home, another friend had to go to the airport to assist his brother before departing and the other one had LBM. Call it unlucky. I thought the much awaited mini reunion of us will be successful but too bad out of 6 only 3 came. But I know there's always a next time.

So the three of us, Zal and Vianney and me decided to eat out and have some dinner in Siam, a Thai cuisine for a change. They wanted to try something new so I suggested the place. It was just the three of us but our table is full with food, we ordered seafood to meat and appetizer. Of course, we can't end the night without ice cream, so we head out to Gelatissimo after. Chika and never ending laughter made our get together special. I hope the next time we plan this out again, hopefully everyone will show up. 'Till next time folks!

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I left my camera and I just used my Nokia 500 phone just to capture the moments. At least we have pictures. =)

While waiting for our order

 Vian and Zal

Ang artista, bow

 Tres marias

 Vianney and me.. And her baby bumps hidden. Hi baby! Can't wait to see you soon! 

Zal and me

Pretty much enjoying my drink

 The Gwiyomi pose 

Tuna salad which is very spicy

Thai bagoong rice

Full! *burp

Dessert after! =) 


Top: bought in Bangkok, skirt: Shopaholic flats: Divisoria bag: online

 Sheena, Yang ang Tin, can't wait to see you soon!!! 


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Danielle said...

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great photos

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