Cebu, more than a travel destination

Thinking of having a getaway this summer? Where to? Cebu? So what's the itinerary?

A lot of people think that Cebu has nothing much to offer compared to other provinces, but don't get me wrong, there's more than tourist destinations and experience Cebu has to offer. I am born and raised in Cebu but I admit, I am still surprised by what my hometown can offer to the visitors and guests.

So here are some friendly tips and suggestions on what to do in Cebu:

1. Visit historical places and famous landmarks
          This shouldn't be missed. It's fun and educational to get to know the history of Cebu. We only have few historical landmarks though but the history speaks itself on how Cebu has turned out to be progressive than before. Here are some famous historical landmarks to visit to:

  • Fort San Pedro
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Casa Gorordo
  • Museo Sugbo
  • Taoist Temple

2. Beach, beach, beach
            For beach lovers, Cebu has white sand beaches and breathtaking views. If you're on a limited time and wanted to try the beaches in Cebu, I suggest you should visit Mactan. Lots of options to choose from, you can simply hop from one resort to another. From low class to high standard types of resorts, you can find it there. But if you prefer a quiet, more relaxing resort or beaches, you can head out to the provinces that is more closest to Boracay like Moalboal, Camotes Island, Bantayan Island and Malapascua. The best beaches awaits there. 

3. Food 
            Cebu offers the best food in metro! If you're a tourist, I suggest you should try Lechon Baboy, Siomai and our very own Adobo. For lechon, Talisay offers the best lechon there is, they have like lechon festival every year and believe me, once tasted, you'll definitely crave for more. On the other hand, when hunting for street food, try out Siomai sa Tisa (Punta, Labangon). There you will see lots of street food from different variety to choose from. Sutukil in Lapu-lapu is a must try as well. 

4.  Sinulog Festival
            If you want to experience fun and one of a kind festival, I suggest you should visit on January for the Sinulog Festival. There you would be able to witness first-hand on how Cebuanos define fun and adventure. Don't forget to wear your most comfortable outfit, try out face paint, Henna tattoo, drink and party all night long, shouting, hugging, drinking and all sorts of stuff. 

5. Seize the moment
            I guess the best experience when travelling is to simply enjoy the moments, cherish the time and embrace life to its fullest potential. Don't be afraid to take the risk because we only get to live once and who knows it's worth the risk. Be prepared as much as possible and think of the possibilities that might happen anytime. Enjoy and live life to the fullest! 


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