Little girls

Hello blogger with love! It's been quite a while. Been experiencing writer's block lately and I can't come up with a better blog post. What keeps me busy was my online project and other than that, a lot of dull moments. My mom went home to the province and I am stuck in the house to take over the store. I wasn't really in the mood all week, got bored, felt lazy and discouraged. I haven't seen Lucas for a week now and I miss my baby so much.

Anyways, just want to share with you the result of my ultrasound and I am happy because GOD did answered my prayer. He granted me with a baby girl. GOD is soooo good, all the time. I can't wait to buy girly stuff. It excites me and it's something I look forward to. And because of too much boredom, I was browsing through the net for some cute fashionable little girls. I surely would dress up my little girl just as like them. Now, I'm quite confused on what to name her especially that May is fast approaching. Any suggestions? I want her to have two names since my first baby have two names as well. Any idea? I want a unique name.. =)

Here are some fashion inspiration for my cute soon-to-be little girl.

How I wish she'd be as charming as this cute little dolly


Why are you soooooo cuuuuute? 

 She'd be as pretty like her.. 

 You've got taste little girl! 

Fashionable indeed! 


Pretty and sophisticated little girl

You've got style! 

 Little dolly

Those expressive eyes... 

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