My Weekend Fashion Inspiration

Hey everyone! I'm back!! Been MIA for like weeks or should I say months. Been busy with a lot of things and my schedule is very hectic thus I find a hard time to squeeze blogging. Anyways, I'm almost due and this pregnancy is quite exciting yet it scares me (as if I am a first timer). I never had any decent outfit shots because I'm getting bigger and almost all of my clothes won't fit. Good thing garter skirts and free size dresses are readily available to adjust my pregnant body. 

For the fact that I never had any decent outfit shot, so, I decided to do some fashion inspiration post. I admit, looking at different fashion sites kind of makes me envy because I haven't had the chance to have my outfit shot taken for like six months now or more than that but I tell you, once I have moved on from my pregnant body, my next target would be losing some weight, and need to be back in shape. Watch out for that! 

So dear, I  won't make this long and I won't bore you out with any stories. So here are some of my fashion inspiration.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these photos. Credits goes to the owners of these photos and bloggers. 

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