New band, new pick

Get your ipod's and mp4's because a new band is starting to paved its way to stardom. Their songs is a mixed of rock/powerpop. For those who are fanatic of Avril Lavigne, Flyleaf and Paramore, for sure, here's a new pick for you to get tuned in, the new Floridian band "Hey Monday" with their new hit single "Homecoming", "Candles", and "Obvious". You'll totally love this band because the band itself is so special, the vocalist has a phenomenal voice and her vocal tone is near on perfect and every note she hits strongly with great passion in her heart. To introduce you with the band members;

- Cassadee Pope - Vocals
- Mike Gentile - Lead Guitar
- Alex Lipshaw - Rhythm Guitar
- Jersey Moriarty - Bass
- Elliot James - Drums

ain;t it cool to listen to another new taste of songs in your ipod? Honestly, I've been playing them over and over again in my laptop. Can't get enough of them.

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