Happy hippie 16th monthsary

It's our birthday! Yep.. It's our 16th month of togetherness.. Can you imagine? I mean, we had undergone lots of obstacles and tests in our relationship but still here we are, we just celebrated our 16th monthsary. Oh common, if you only knew what we've been through, you can actually say that we won't go this far, but then, really, 1 year and 4 months? Well, I'm happy that we somehow passed the tests of our relationship, we hold tight to each other's promise of not to let go and no matter how many fights we have had, still we're holdin' on. And no matter how fed up I am with his attitude, still I'm holdin' on.. Obviously, yep, we're both holdin' on. :) and that's the promise that we kept no matter what.

Gifts are no longer a big issue for us, I mean, material things are just plainly material. What matters to us is the time being spent together and the bond we had as a couple. Slowly but surely, we knew each other's strength and weaknesses, and the good thing is that, we accept each other's weaknesses. :) So, since I wasn't able to give him a gift during valentines, I decided to give him a ring (which is actually one of the items that we were selling in our store) and a simple letter. It doesn't really cost that much but what matters is that the thought that really counts. :) Anyways, hope he likes it. :) Till here! Just want to update my blog for the status of my lovelife. :)

Till here! Au revoir! Lotsa lovin!!! mwah! mwah!!!! much love!!!

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