Jobless career...

Ok... Summer.. summer. summer.. paved its way.. And of course, this means, hitting off the beach, cozy cold drinks, having a tan, sunblock, shades and of course, vacation! What a great summer if we can go somewhere only to relax and have fun! Would that be great? And yeah of course, with nothing to worry about, no hassles and stress to spoil the entire summer.

But then, speaking of summer, a month already came, its April already but still no job?! OMG.. ! You see, I'm totally impatient of not having a job! I feel useless by all means. My cousin who promised me this job is still left deadly hanging. No news or whatsoever! I feel so impatient because I don't want to be forever stuck in our house with nothing to do but watch our store?? heller, I should be working already but still I feel that am useless, doing the same old routine and nothing new! dUH! Sorry but I am so tired of waiting. Why can't they tell straight to my face that they don't want me in, rather than leave me hanging in the air, letting me expect this job but then its deadly nothing. Sorry for being mean but then how can I move on with my life if I kept on waiting for nothing? I should have moved on with my plans already but still nothing happens.

April just started, hoping somehow, I can move on with a new career and new hopes, not being stuck here for nothing. I feel useless and a burden.

Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry.. I am just expressing what I feel.. Phew.. Till here... Gud nyt!!!

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