Congratz zal!!!

Finally! Another superfriend of ours graduated from college!! Woooohoooo!!! I would just like to congratulate one of my best bud, Ms. Rizalyn Solamo for graduating the course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing! We are so proud of you zal.. It's the start of your career already.. The responsibility is passed on to you.. And your next step? Review, take and PASS the Board Exam! You can do it zal! You and cy2x can make it! We'll pray for you.. Just hold on tight, trust in HIM and lay all your worries to the LORD for HE will take care of you.. :)

Anyways, just remember my dear best bud, that we are here, we will support you and we'll be praying for you! A superfriend is only one take in the Board Exam! You can do it! Just don't mind the other people.. :) Stay positive! LOve yah!! Thanks for the party!!

And here are some of the pics during her graduation party @ her crib!

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