Job interview (part time)

OMG! Honestly, I thought my night would be a disaster. But then, thank GOD, they gave me a chance. I mean, this job really matters to me. This is already a big opportunity and I don't think I will let this slip away. Out of millions and billions of people who were unemployed, and here I am, the opportunity is knocking on my big door, and letting it slip away is totally a waste. You see, 120 per hour is huge enough already. Enough for me to be able to pursue my plans for that money and for some reasons, because I am supporting myself all alone. I have lots of plans for that money, if by GOD'S will be given a chance to be accepted, first things first, I will get mingming's motorcycle so that commuting will no longer be a hassle for the both of us and also, so that we can now start saving at least a little bit. And next on the line, my wants and his wants. Not to mention I still have to buy him a new slippers because his slippers is already damage as he calls it. And of course, my wants like buying a new pair of jeans, shirts, tops, sandals and of course bag, and also a new wallet. I wanted to save my extra money in the future so that by the time I need a little extra, at least there's something to pull out in my pocket. And so, even if its that tiring, having a part time job is totally compensating. You get to use your extra time for an extra money. See? That's the advantage of having a part time job at the comfort of your own home. That is why, I am totally praying that by GOD'S will, I will be accepted by this offer and hopefully, I would be able to finance my needs and at the same time wants. :)

Wish me good luck for my final interview. And may GOD BLESS ME... :) Love lots!! XOXO

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