Officially: proud tobe a registered nurse!!! :)

I was supposed to be in the speechless mode. I just don't know what to say. Mixed emotions. I've always thought that this would be just a super ordinary day, until.... tedeng.... the result has been released already. I was sooooooo nervous that I didn't know what to react and how to react. I kept thinking about the what if's.. Paranoid as I am, since last night, I kept on thinking about the result. Yesterday, my classmates texted me that it will be released by midnight, I waited but still no result came, then it was moved to 2 am, still I patiently waited and still, frustrated, no result were released. So I slept. Then today, I woke up, feeling my day would be just an extraordinary day as it is, I woke up late (as usual), I ate then I was supposed to leave the house early because I have to pay the water bill but then due to some misunderstanding between me and mingming earlier which eventually led into a fight, instead of leaving the house early, I went back upstairs, and slept. My phone kept on ringing, a message from a classmate of mine asking if the result was released already, since I was frustrated waiting last night, so I hurriedly replied (eyes closed) "not yet". And then, minutes after, another message came, it was from my closest bud, 2yang. She texted me in an excited manner that the result has been released already, to my surprised, I immediately got up from my bed, hurriedly ran down and turned the computer on as fast as I could. Then I typed the site as to where the result can possibly be found, and there it is, right in front of our pc, widescreen, the result were there, right before my weary eyes. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... This is it (I told myself), the moment of truth, my judgment day of my career.. and then, I opened it. The letter B were divided into 3; B1, B2, B3.. oooppss... then I knew Br is in b3.. So without hesitations I clicked B3. The line up was from Bi down to the last. I first looked at my roomate's surname, and luckily I found her name. ------ Then there was silence in me, I stared the pc for a couple of seconds and then I closed my eyes and went near to my letter Br.. Funny as it is, there are a lot of Braga who took the board exam and to my surprise, call it miracle, praise GOD, I found my name there; "6480 BRAGA, KRYSTAL PEARL HIBAYA" waaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Due to overexcitement and extreme happiness, I cried. I was very happy seeing my name there. I just don't know what to react, I then searched the names of my other groupmates or close friends and classmates, but too bad, some of them were not able to make it. It was bitter sweet. I did passed but some of my closest friends were not there. I felt pity for them, we had the same experiences, we've been together through thick and thin and during the inhouse, they were that studious compared to me, but then, I just couldn't see their names there. T_T

14 of them were not able to make it. It was so sad.. T_T. I cried because I felt pity. I so wanted to comfort them but I just don't know how.. I don't want them to feel that I passed and they did not. I so wanted to hug them for real without uttering a word, but then I decided not for now, I would give them time, time to think about it, and cry.. I know its really frustrating, hurting and disappointing but then, everything happens for a reason. Maybe its not yet their time to pass, or not for now.. Good or bad, only GOD knows.. They just have to continue praying and move on. I know its onerous but it takes time. Take a second chance.. I'm so sad... T_T

Well, on the other hand, my parents were never really that excited or extremely happy when they heard the result. I mean maybe my dad was so proud, but I don't think my mom was. I mean of course she was happy and proud too but something lacks. I never felt nor seen the enjoyment in their faces. Just a simple congratulations and even their facial expressions tells me that they were just happy, plain and simple. I don't know as to their side but that's what I felt, that's my own point of view. My dad, I can tell that he is proud and happy too because he even treat his co-workers and bought pizza for them and in here too. But then when I got home, still all my mother could ever think of are household chores, "Krystal do these, do that" and blah blah.. I don't know but her facial expression is so deadly plain, not even a smile or a glimpse. I don't know, but I never mind them. What matters now, is that I passed. Take one baby!! heheheh..

Anyweiz, looking forward to the start of my career. As for me, I am so thankful to GOD that I passed the Board Exam! Thanks be to GOD! I give back all the glory, honour and praises to you oh LORD!! You are omnipotent GOD! Marvelous! Apart from me I am nothing without HIM who gives me the strength, courage, hope, love, guidance, knowledge and wisdom. Lord, super duper thank YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU LORD GOD!!! wooooohoooooo!!!

So, till here! R.N Itahl officially now signing off!! Thank YOU LORD!!! thank you friends for all the prayers!!! :) Love you guys!! LOVE YOU LORD!!!

PS: I will totally mark this day, one of my most unforgettable day ever in my entire life!! :)

December 20, 2009 - Friday <----- the day I became a registered nurse!!! :)

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