When January is about to come, of course Sinulog plans will surely be the talk of the town. Fully booked hotels and pension houses, increase price rates of beers and liquors, Henna tattoes, and of course I simply call it "Crowded Cebu". Well, the fact that visitors comin' from different places would rush to Cebu just to celebrate Sinulog with the Cebuanos. It's been a tradition for them to celebrate it every 2nd week or 3rd week of January. We are not an exception to it, not that I believe their Sr. Sto NiƱo, but everybody pays respect to that "sacred idol". I did not went to party just to celebrate its feast but because I enjoy the bonding moments with my cherished friends. It's been our tradition to bond every Sinulog and this year was a blast and loaded with FUN! whoa!!! You see, for the first time, we had a semi-reunion with my highschool friends and indeed we were all half complete. Ayt? And we had fun till morning, drinking sprees, never ending talk, pictures every now and then, and of course karaoke nights. Wohooo!! Well, one things for sure, we really had fun though! Hope it will still happen again. Hoping for another adventures partaaaay! I believe this is not yet the end of all our friendship but the beginning.. Well, as for the proof of evidence, here it is:::

(L-R) Kano, 2yang, Zalyn, Viel, Me, Panyang and Francis

more pics comin' up... :) keep yourself updated.... weeeeeeeee

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